The Bio-St. Galler-Bergkäse is produced in the Berghof cheese dairy in Ganterschwil using organic milk from the surrounding area in line with Bio Suisse guidelines. Its long storage time gives it its wonderful tangy aroma.

Type: Semi-hard cheese  ·  Ingredients: Made from fresh, organic milk  ·  Shape: Round, diameter 30 cm  ·  Weight: Truckle 7 kg  ·  Rind: Smear-ripened  ·  Holes: Pea-sized  ·  Flavour: This racy, full-fat, semi-hard cheese will please cheese lovers everywhere.  ·  Fat content: Full fat, min. 45 % F/DM  ·   Firmness, WFF: Semi-hard, 57 – 63 %  ·  Ripening: 3 – 5 months  ·  Shelf life: 4 weeks  ·  Suitable for: Sliced cheese, fondue, Raclette, cooked cheese dishes
ID: CH 5052, Bio-Label 30313 Bio Suisse
Culinarium Seal of Approval Toggenburg  ·  Suisse Guarantee


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