my Orico hd-pw4101 power switch started to burn out after less than two yeasrs of use. The second switch burned out just a few weeks after the first one. Reason – short circuit at “Alpha & Omega” ‘s AO4801 power MOSFETs. This also leads power plugs at the device end to melt severely.

My PSU is gold standard 700W and it powers a system of less than 100W max power (fuly silent). Therefore I can attribute such burn only to the low quality of these mosfets. So, Watch out!

Обычное вино, собрали остатки Шардоне со всех плантаций и со всех кюви. Что-то слили из дубовых бочек, а что-то из стальных. Но зато от именитого производителя. 900 рублей в конце 2014 года “по акции” в ОКее. Описание от винного дома.



интервью со скрипачом Александром Щербаковым и его женой пианисткой Мадалиной Слав

Outstanding Swiss Architecture and Architects

Remembering Günther Domenig

Эрогенная штанга: тренируй интимное мастерствоЮлия Латынина – код доступа

Юлия Латынина – код доступа

фэшн блоггер Tini Tany


Еще одна книга Виктора Геращенко и наверное самая известная. Вопреки моим впечатлениям от прочтения предыдущей книги, данная автобиография оказалась крайне увлекательной и изобилующей множеством подробностей и деталей. Попробую привести несколько запомнившихся мне отрывков.

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В популярных СМИ и разных околонаучных изданиях долгое время ходили мивы о разработке и успешном использовании в СССР лазеров как оружия поражения. Т.н. космическое оружие 21-го века.

Но при более детальном изучении этого вопроса оказывается, что почти все из известного – это научная фантастика и бородатые мифы.

Ниже представлена очень основательная научная статья опровергающая в прах не только все домыслы, но и дающая намек на то, что даже сейчас создание в России такого оружия является весьма затруднительным.


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A very nice reserva wine from La Rioja with a traditional character.

After long maceration and fermentation in tanks, this wine was aged in new 225 l American oak barrels for about 16-18 months. Once bottled, the wine stayed in the bottle for 24-26 months.

 Dark ruby red with a fragrant nose of cedar, rose petal, cherry, and cassis that jumps from the glass, on the palate it displays an elegant personality, good concentration, savory flavors, and enough structure to evolve for several years. It should be at its best from 2012 to 2020. Score: 89 (Jay Miller, erobertparker.com, April 2010)



Intense cherry red colour with maroon edges. Clean and bright wine with slightly dense and thin tears.


Gradually, the typical notes provided during the ageing appear and elegant toasted and many creamy aromas of spices are noticed (vanilla, cinnamon, cocoa and hints of tobacco). When it opens up, there is an explosion of notes of ripe and expressive fruit on its light and subtle balsamic background.


Soft attack, with a velvety and tasty mid palate. The aromas felt in the nose appear again, more balanced. Good and fair acidity and nice tannins. Long finish that leaves a slightly spicy aftertaste.


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This ruby colored wine, made by winemaker Federico Riolfo, has bold inviting aromas of sour cherry, spices and dried herbs that explode from the glass and offer a preview of what is to follow on the palate. This smooth, medium-bodied wine is packed with ripe fruit flavor and nicely balanced by good acidity and soft tannins.

The winery, which has been producing traditional wines for over 90 years, has begun, in the last ten years, production of wines from organically grown grapes coming from most Italian regions. This Montepulciano is from Abruzzo, area of Chieti.

The winemaker Federico Riolfo has masterfully created Italian classic wines without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.


This wine should not be confused with Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, a Tuscan wine made from Sangiovese and other grapes, but not the Montepulciano variety.

The quality of Montepulciano wines produced in Abruzzo (especially in the provinces of Pescara and Chieti) has been constantly improving in the last ten years, making Abruzzi, once a backwater in winemaking, one of the most interesting locales in the Italian scene.

It is blended with the grape Ciliegolo to make the wine Torgiano. It is also used as the primary grape in Rosso Conero DOCG and is a major part of the Rosso Piceno DOC blend.


Food Pairing: Hearty pasta dishes, roasted poultry or lamb, and ribs
Cheese Pairing: Pecorino, an Umbrian pressed sheep milk cheese, has a buttery nutty flavor

От себя: как выяснилось, выбор Монтепульчано в России достаточно велик; и моя бутылка оказалась в самом низшем ценовом диапазоне.