Die Brücke – German Expressionism

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner – Artistin Marcella, 1910 Brücke-Museum

Die Brucke was the association of artist expressionists from Dresden, Germany. Their first exhibition was held in 1906.
Die Brucke made use of a technique that was controlled, intentionally unsophisticated and crude, developing a style hallmarked by expressive distortions and emphases. Die Brucke artists often used color similar to the Fauves, and they were also influenced by art form from Africa and Oceania.
Some of the painters in the group sympathized with the revolutionary socialism of the day and drew inspiration from Van Gogh’s ideas on artists’ communities. Die Brucke expressionists believed that their social criticism of the ugliness of modern life could lead to a new and better future.

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner – Forest with Brook

Otto Mueller – Tänzerin mit Schleier, 1903

Отто Мюллер – Две купальщицы, 1921

Emil Nolde – Lake Lucerne, c.1930

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